Optimizing Value from Service Provider WiFi in a Converged World (2021)

By Mike Darling, Shaw Communications

Increasingly, subscribers want access to their broadband services at home, on the go and at their destinations. The value proposition of service provider Wi-Fi is to give subscribers access to their services when they are away from home at all types of destinations. In the absence of service provider Wi-Fi, subscribers must deal with authenticating to destination Wi-Fi on a case-by-case basis by asking for authentication codes, using their mobile data plans, or foregoing the use of their applications. Cisco estimates that the number of public Wi-Fi hotspots globally will quadruple from 2018-2023. Shaw operates a service provider Wi-Fi network in its cable footprint that is available free of charge to broadband wireline and wireless subscribers. This paper examines how subscribers use the service provider Wi-Fi network and seeks to answer some key questions around the value of the network, both to subscribers and to service providers.

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