Bandwidth Planning During the Age of CoVID (2021)

By Keith Alan Rothschild, Ph.D., Andrew Robinson, Derek Bantug & Kris McNally, Cox Communications

What initially started in early March 2020 as a multi-day trial to determine if the company could rapidly move to support a remote workforce, as part of emergency preparedness, quickly pivoted into a remote workforce for roughly 18-months in response to the pandemic. This was not only a radical change in the way we work, but also in the way our customers use our products. Disruptions in supply-chain, construction, and customer interactions added challenges to what would have otherwise required a tremendous-level of effort to ensure the customer experience remained as consistent and positive as possible.

Fortunately, we have a standing process for managing our bandwidth on an ongoing basis. This process has four components: (1) strategize, (2) model, (3) plan, and (4) deploy. This paper reviews each of these four components in general as well as how they enabled us to rapidly respond to the increased demand driven by the pandemic.

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