Designing Privacy Tracking for Consumer Confidentiality & Cryptographic Assurance for Enterprises (2019)

By Brian A. Scriber, CableLabs

Privacy, particularly consumer privacy, has lived a dynamic existence over the last decade. Consumer views have changed as has the regulatory environment. With GDPR in the EU, PIPEDA in Canada, and with CPA in California, there is an immediate need for technical solutions to efficiently run our businesses in this strong regulatory environment. What if you and your department could help enable are venue opportunity in this space as opposed to just mitigating regulatory risk? Join us to explore how self-sovereign identity and opt-in/opt-out tracking can work hand in hand using some of the nascent tools in cryptography and software development. We will explore transaction signing, distributed verification, collaborative acknowledgments, time synchronization, user-directed sharing of protected information, the Right to be Forgotten, and cryptographic key distribution systems enforced by smart contracts. A key part of this paper investigates how data analytics and privacy can coexist without one working opposite the other through the application of advanced key management techniques, zero knowledge proofs, and smart contracts.

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