Changing the World: IoT Chaos as a Ladder to Improving Security (2019)

By Brian A. Scriber, CableLabs

With each device on our networks vulnerable to attack with processing/memory/storage and network credentials, how can we help to protect consumers, the network and other participants? How do we raise the security tide for all boats? How do we attack the economic problem here while we work the technical issues? If an entrepreneurial CTO is ever asked by his CFO or CEO “How much is security going to cost me?” we’ve already lost. The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) is an organization of over 450 companies, with several SCTE member companies actively participating and a couple serving on the Board of Directors. OCF is working together to not only write the specifications for interoperability and security, but also build out an entire open-source (as in free) implementation of this specification (IoTivity) to help even the most cash-strapped start-up build secure IoT software. Join us to learn the current state of OCF, IoTivity, certification and how you can get started changing the world of IoT security.

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