Using AI to Improve the Customer Experience: A Virtual Assistant Chatbot (2018)

By Bernard Burg, Fan Liu, Abel Villca Roque, Sunil Srinivasa, Ryan March & Tianwen Chen, Comcast

AI and Machine Learning (ML) are becoming pervasive, allowing new applications for chatbots.

This paves the way for operational transformations in the field of the cable telecommunication industry, where chatbots will soon be able to field some customer contacts to solve their issues in real-time -- thereby reducing waiting queues while enhancing service quality, informed by consistent answers and considering all available network information in real time.

This article describes the steps service providers can use to build such a chatbot. It and drills into the AI/ML elements in charge of performing installation diagnostics, predicting the behavior of the systems and users, and pinpointing the root causes critical to fixing issues before they even become visible to customers. These highly specialized AI/ML algorithms feed their propositions into a decision engine (DE), so as to understand a much larger context, and apply game theory to make optimal choices for the customer.

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