Improving the Customer Experience with Network Automation and with AI-Powered Voice (2018)

By Pravin Mahajan, Infinera

Think about the ways we’ve been navigating around computers and information systems for the past four decades: keyboards, mice, touchscreens. What do they have in common? They are all designed for people who can use their hands as part of their information task. But what about the workforce that needs to keep their hands on their tools and equipment? Fast-paced migration to the cloud, forthcoming 5G deployments, and the proliferation of internet connected devices driven by Internet of Things (IoT) including voice enabled devices like Alexa & Siri are fueling the migration toward cognitive networking. Cognitive networks use advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence techniques to help build self-optimized, self-healing and highly autonomous transport networks, setting new benchmarks in scalability, agility and automation.

This paper describes how Network automation, AI powered technology & Voice can help build a cognitive network which will greatly improve the end customer experience.

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