A Customer Experience Based Approach to Improving Access Network Power Reliability (2018)

By Tobias Peck, Alpha Technologies

Customers drive the Broadband industry’s revenue. Customer experience is a major factor in determining MSO success, however, traditional Outside Plant (OSP) power reliability improvement strategies are based around arbitrary maintenance cycles, and not targeted toward addressing network elements that most effect customer experience. These strategies have an inconsistent effect on overall plant power reliability and fail to take advantage of modern big data analytics to maximize customer impact.

In 2018 a major US MSO set out to revolutionize reliability improvement by flipping this paradigm and beginning the process with a customer-driven metric that truly shows where customers are being impacted. Their Data Driven approach began by collecting and analyzing customer impacting node outage statistics and ended with a goal of significantly reducing customer affecting node outages in 2018.

This paper will detail the process of developing a customer focused Reliability Improvement Strategy and show the real-world results of this strategy. This study will demonstrate how the major MSO under study, using the tenants described to focus efforts on the issues that directly impact customers, will maximize spend on preventative and on-demand maintenance in order to greatly improve power reliability and customer experience.

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