Fixed Mobile Convergence in the Transition to 5G (2017)

By Glenn Laxdal, Ericsson

2017 is witnessing big changes in mobile and fixed industries, from unlimited plans on LTE, to major MSO acquiring 600MHz in the latest auction, to 5G millimeter wave trials, to the heated discussion on adding the 3.7GHz – 4.2GHz adjacent to CBRS band to the trials. Introduction of 5G technologies like higher spectrum bands, wider carriers and massive MIMO creates an opportunity for the convergence offixed and mobile services both for traditional telecom operators and MSOs.

Both site solutions for small cell grid and high capacity backhaul are of the biggest challenges for Gigabit wireless to the home. MSO have some of the answers to these problems via the extensive Fiber networking residential area to the strand mount right of the way with power and backhaul ready.

Join Anders Svensson, Principal Solution Manager, 5G, Strategic network evolution at Ericsson NorthAmerica, to learn about technology and deployment strategy of the mix of technologies for Fixed Wireless Access in the convergence of fixed and mobile services.

This paper gives an overview of 5G requirements and capabilities, how 5G technologies may impact the industries and enable convergence of services. The paper covers selected finding around deployment of FWA for both CBRS and 5G at mmw, and the opportunities and challenges with different spectrums.

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