Why, How, and Where to Converge Fixed and Mobile Networks (2022)

By Bob Hallahan, Nokia

Not all convergence is the same: Cable operators with multiple Fixed and Wireless networks will need to execute the right convergence architecture to offer, manage and assure network agnostic services

True Network Agnostic Services: Customers will expect to access services and applications regardless of the countless dynamic handoffs which will occur between Wi-Fi, MVNO 4/5G, and CBRS 5G core and RAN owned or partnered.

Isolate Current Complexities: An affective strategy is isolating B/OSS and normalizing network and subscriber data of current fixed and networks from services, devices to enable universal customer experience and situational awareness.

Its Convergence at the Network, Data and IT that counts: Converging at the right points across multiple Cores enables an aggregated umbrella management architecture to provision, activate, assure, control, and measure customer experience via analytics insights, while enforcing entitlements, managing devices, service profiles and policies of services for customers across all fixed and mobile network domains.

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