Remote PHY Deployment Options (2016)

By Jeff Finkelstein, Cox Communications and Alon Bernstein, Cisco Systems

All Internet Service Providers are challenged by the ever increasing demand of our customers for higher speeds and more consumable bandwidth. In order to meet that need we must come up with new ways to optimize our spend to keep capex and opex under control, while we also try to find new opportunities to increase our revenue with exciting new services.

This paper describes how to use a new technology known as Remote PHY Device (RPD) to develop a well thought out strategy to increase capacity by using node splits, fiber deep deployments, DOCSIS 3.1, IP video and mid-split. Our use of the term RPD is not limited to a PHY-only device, it would also be applicable to a remote MAC-PHY or remote CCAP device, we use it generically to mean placing the PHY into the outside plant and do not differentiate where the L2 and L3 functions would exist.

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