HTML5 Framework and Gateway Caching Scheme for Cloud Based UIs (2012)

By Mike McMahon, Charter Communications

Recent advances in our industry such as TV Everywhere and second screen, companion apps merge video delivery and consumption with web technologies.

Similarly, much progress has been made in introducing service-oriented architectures, exposing common web services and enabling a high degree of consistency and re-usability in backend systems.

Video is now clearly being consumed on a wide range of devices and these devices can vary wildly in terms of screen size, capabilities, development platforms, etc.

Tablets, game consoles, smart TVs, mobile phones and a number of other devices are all viable video terminals. Processing and delivering video into a variety of flavors, bit rates and such is non-trivial but is generally well understood and now fairly commonplace.

In order for the Cable industry to fully embrace an already highly fragmented client platform landscape and position itself to exploit new devices as they become available it is necessary to achieve a similar level of abstraction and re-use in the way user interfaces are built, delivered and maintained.

This paper presents an HTML5 based UI framework, built on open standards but optimized and configured specifically for the needs of TV centric applications

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