Converged Multiservice Access Platform (2010)

By Jorge D. Salinger, Comcast Cable

A new headend equipment architecture option for implementation of the traditional CMTS and Edge QAM functions is presented.

The equipment resulting from implementing this new architecture, called Converged Multiservice Access Platform (CMAP), incorporates all the CMTS and Edge QAM functions. Each CMAP downstream RF port implements all QAMs for digital narrowcast and broadcast services for a single service group. Similarly, CMAP upstream RF line cards implement multiple demodulators per port. This architecture, which can be implemented in a single, integrated chassis, or by separating the packet processing from the PHY and MAC in separate modules, enables unprecedented density in MSOs’ headend facilities.

Starting by outlining the key goals and objectives of the architecture, this paper describes the various CMAP components, their key features, the density achieved by the architecture, multiple operational simplicity and efficiency improvements, and the transport agnosticism achieved.

A description of the specifications spelling out the full details of the CMAP product requirements and the timeline for their development is provided. The relationship between the CMAP product specifications and the various CableLabs® specifications, such as DOCSIS®, M-CMTSTM, DRFI, MHA, PacketCableTM, etc., is also explained.

Examples are presented to show how CMAP could be deployed in typical cable systems, including its deployment in MSO networks of varying sizes, capacities and composition of services. Space and power savings, the key benefits of CMAP, are depicted in comparative analysis.

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