Considerations For A Real Time Broadband Delivered Interactive Gaming Service (2010)

By Charles H. Jablonski, OnLive Inc.

Real Time graphics intensive applications, such has “first person shooter games” have presented challenges in being server/cloud based because of the inherent roundtrip latencies.

This paper will describe an approach that provides the ability not only to deliver real time games but also that is able to deliver any graphics intensive application over existing broadband infrastructure.

The approaches taken to provide the necessary low latency compression, server and data center architecture, integrating into exiting carrier and ISP data infrastructures as well as the impacts of “last mile” ISP (DSL and Cable) considerations as well as the required performance of the date delivery, packet loss and jitter specifications of the infrastructure.

An approach using existing PC/Mac client for delivery of the service to end consumers will be also be described as well as a small stand alone low cost (<$30) terminal adapter that connects a consumer television directly to a internet connection to enable game play.

The system allows a variety game content, media and enterprise application to also be provisioned and delivered over the same infrastructure.

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