Scaling Mount Everest: Delivering Multi-screen Video In An ‘Infinite Content’ World (2008)

By John Pickens, Cisco Systems, Inc., and Sree Kotay, Comcast

The consumption paradigm for TV is rapidly changing from pure broadcast to time-shifted unicast. This behavioral model is the driver for the new formula, “Cached Unicast equals Multicast”. Supporting this trend is the rapid evolution of the network paradigm from a classic siloed broadcast dominated spectrum to a shared spectrum with converged usage of IP transport for all applications including video. The long range vision is tens of thousands of channels, hundreds of millions of assets, and orders of magnitudes more content producers – all delivered to the device of the consumer’s choosing. This paper identifies key characteristics of the next generation solution architecture, such as real time enabled cache distribution hierarchies, in order to deliver an infinite world of content and unlimited scale of subscribers and consumption modalities, while delivering many of the economic benefits of today’s architectures.

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