Using New ADI 2.0 Structures To Evolve Video-On-Demand Management & Services (2005)

By Yasser F. Syed, Ph.D.

The new ADI 2.0 specifications allows for the separate handling and combining of the offer & title metadata, content, and its metadata. This becomes a valuable set of managing tools as catalogues get larger, new VOD marketing techniques are envisioned, and content becomes more long lasting and less traditional. This paper will first describe what are the new ADI 2.0 structures and compare this against older ADI 1.1 structures. It will also describe how VOD services are changing and what does it imply for new management and service needs and how this will be easier to handle using the new structure & backend distribution. Then it will talk about possible ways to transition from a 1.1 ADI structure to a 2.0 structure. Finally the paper will describe how the new ADI 2.0 structures can help meet these new types of demands on cable systems.

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