Evolution Of Video On Demand Architectures (2004)

By Weidong Mao, Kip Compton, Comcast Cable

This paper describes the architectural evolution of Video On Demand (VoD) infrastructures in supporting open interfaces and expandability to future on demand services. Key technology areas that are essential for the next generation on demand architecture are discussed. With the advent of new technologies in Gigabit Ethernet IP networking and high performance storage/streaming as well as software, it becomes feasible to evolve the current VoD architecture from a vertically integrated and proprietary system to an open and modular architecture. Significant economic advantages are realized as a flexible and open environment makes it possible to deploy new technologies much more efficiently, facilitating the rapid proliferation of new services while controlling the associated capital and operating expenses. This paper presents a reference architecture that describes logical components and interfaces. In addition, it provides a detailed discussion on several key areas of architectural evolution. They include: • Standardized asset propagation and management interfaces • Better utilization of resources via dynamic session and resource management • Secure content delivery via session based encryption and/or preencryption techniques • Edge device management and configuration • Shared infrastructure with other services, including IP-based streaming media services • Expansion to multiple services such as networked

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