Downloadable Security (2005)

By James William Fahrny

This paper will define a common security architecture that overcomes some of these obstacles and issues described in the background section above. This common hardware security platform can be used to secure Broadcast Conditional Access systems, Video On Demand services, Digital Rights Management, and the Authorized Service Domain services in extending CA into the home network. This proposed paper would cover the following topics: • Architecture Block Diagram of the Downloadable Security System • Description of the secure download mechanism and how it can be secured. • Analysis of how this advances security for video and audio content • Definition on how this can be used to perform “Hardware Renewability” with a software download using FPGA technology. • Describes how the paradigm of revocation and renewabilty are modified for a better customer experience. Analysis of how the downloadable features can be applied to various applications of the hardware platform including CAS, VOD, DRM, Trusted Domain, Streaming and Personal Computing

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