The Unique Challenges Faced By Cable Systems Serving Smaller Markets As They Expand To Meet Conditional Access And OCAP Requirements (2007)

By Gary Traver, James Capps, Comcast Media Center

Separable security systems represent a fundamental component of a long-term migration towards an open standards / open architecture world. OCAP, the OpenCable Application Platform, which was developed for the industry by CableLabsi, is designed to drive the future of interchangeable devices toward this vision for an openarchitecture environment. The operational rigor associated with managing devices in this interchangeable world is complex. As both separable security and OCAP evolve, the number of consumer devices able to make use of this open network will grow. Cable systems serving smaller markets must address the expensive regulatory requirement for separable security and the migration toward OCAP at the same time that their customers have more choices for the providers of advanced video services than any other time in historyii. Because they lack the economies of scale afforded by cable systems serving larger markets, cable operators serving smaller communities need solutions that build upon their existing architecture. In addition, they can meet or exceed the economies of a large-market solution by pooling their resources into a centralized service bureau. However, a one-size-fits-all solution is counter-productive to a competitive marketplace. To be effective, the centralized services bureau will also need to address the unique requirements of each cable system.

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