Quality Of Service Over Home Network Using CableHome 1.1 (2003)

By Amol Bhagwat, Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

CableHome™ 1.1, the latest version of the CableHome specification by CableLabs®, has defined a Quality of Service (QoS) solution for home networks. The key challenges in designing the CableHome 1.1 QoS system were: varying degrees of QoS support from home-networking technologies, support for legacy home LAN devices, and backward compatibility with CableHome 1.0. The CableHome team specified a priorities-based QoS system in the CableHome 1.1 specification that addresses these key challenges. The main functionalities of this QoS system are prioritized queuing, prioritized media access, and provisioning of application specific priorities. The first functionality resides only in a residential gateway whereas the later two are part of both a residential gateway as well as home LAN devices. Provisioning of application specific priorities is a very simple process. Hence the CableHome 1.1 QoS solution is easy to deploy and implement by cable operators. In addition, since this design allows legacy home LAN devices to co-exist with complaint QoS-enabled devices it is a convenient solution for consumers too.

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