Economic Implications Of An Advanced Operational Support System (2002)

By Bruce Bahlmann, Alopa Networks

An Advanced Operational Support System (AOSS) offers Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) the means to activate (provision) multiple broadband services and streamline numerous tasks. This paper will review the benefits of AOSS while quantifying the cost savings, productivity gains, overall economic benefit, and compounded revenue that can be realized from its use. Introduction There are least five different areas impacted by AOSS that BSPs should consider when exploring such an investment. They include: • Time to Market: The reduction in the time required to create and deploy new products and services as a result of an AOSS deployment. • Market Penetration & Scalability: The increased installation capacity that results from an AOSS deployment and the ability to scale its performance in step with subscriber growth. • Operational Cost Savings: The reduction in operating costs (e.g. labor, phone support, service calls, etc.) as a result of an AOSS deployment. • Future Proofing: The ability to leverage/reuse the interfaces and functionality to grow the number of services (e.g. data, voice, video, gaming, etc.) supported by the AOSS. • Service Assurance: The increase in service availability and reliability that results from an AOSS deployment. Let’s take a closer look at each area as well as the challenges and benefits they represent to the BSP.

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