How Next-Generation Broadband Network Architectures Will Deliver Integrated Services To Business Customers (2001)

By Vikram Saksena, Narad Networks

This paper describes a next-generation broadband network architecture for providing 100 Mbps/1 Gbps Ethernet services over an existing HFC infrastructure. By deploying Ethernet switching elements with integrated high speed modems at critical junction points, today’s tree-and-branch cable network topology can be augmented with a symmetric, full duplex, data channel that provides orders of magnitude higher bandwidth than is currently available. With built in multi-service QoS capabilities, this next-generation broadband network becomes fully capable of addressing the large, highly lucrative commercial market segment.

Coupled with advanced network management and service delivery back-office systems, the entire process of deploying and managing broadband services can be fully automated. High levels of network reliability can be maintained by making the network elements remotely manageable and self-configurable. By radically compressing service deployment and provisioning intervals, cable companies can accelerate the process of new revenue generation. Customers get the benefit of being able to order services on demand from a broadband services portal without waiting for long service turn-up intervals and without worrying about bandwidth constraints. Flow-through provisioning and activation of back-office billing and customer care systems are accomplished through a robust Directory Enabled Networking (DEN) based service delivery platform.

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