Management Aspects Of A Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) Network (1995)

By Gojo Strkic, Mark Chapman of Philips Broadband Networks Inc

This paper addresses Network Management aspects of a Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Full Service Network '(FSN) i delivering services such as video, voice, and data. Spectrum Allocation and Bandwidth Management structured around an Open System Architecture are some of the focal points of this paper. Illustrated in the paper is a design approach describing an example of the Network Management Architecture. It is based on an Open System Architecture for the new management platform because it promotes connectivity to existing Management Systems (Operation Support Systems). In addition, this platform makes it possible to incorporate a more intuitive, standard Graphical User Interface (GUI) in a windowing motif. Also addressed is the selection of off-the-shelf solution tools for presentation, communication and the storage of the distributed information. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques in decision-making tasks for a distributed network environment is suggested as a logical extension to the HFC network management.

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