Digital Audio And Ancillary Data Services For ATV -- The Work Of The ATSC Specialist Group (1992)

By Graham S. Stubbs, Eidak Corporation

This paper describes the advice and suggestions put forth by the Technology Group on Distribution (T3) of the Advanced Television System Committee (ATSC) regarding digital services for Advanced Television (A TV). These recommendations were based on the background work of the Specialist Group (T3 /S3) on Digital Services which conducted technical studies, and surveys, and developed the suggestions and recommendations.

Rapid advances in multichannel composite digital audio coding technology now make it possible to plan to provide the consumer (e.g. cable subscriber) with an expanded audio experience to match wide screen high definition TV pictures. This paper summarizes the suggestions adopted by ATSC's T3 Group regarding audio and ancillary data services, including the advice that a standard service for ATV should include capacity for a minimum of five audio channels with composite encoding.

Particular emphasis was placed on the need for flexible allocation of data to audio and ancillary data services on an as-needed basis.

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