Cable Head End Operation With Copy-protected Signals (1990)

By Graham s. Stubbs, Eidak Corporation

Pay Per View is emerging as a business capable of delivering programming which has substantial revenue potential from later markets. In order to preserve the value of later showings of program material, technology has been developed to inhibit taping of PPV signals. Copy-protected programming may be distributed by satellite or originated locally. In either case, some special provisions have to be made in the cable head end. This paper examines head end operation with Eidakized copy-protected video signals. Consideration is given to reception of copy-protected satellite signals, and to the origination of signals locally from tape or from copy-protected laser video discs.

Addressable scramblers used in cable head ends generally require some special attention when used to encode copy-protected video signals. Similarly, hub operation of PPV systems may require the use of special interfacing equipment. Following a discussion of the method of signal modification to achieve copy-protection, the paper describes the operation of head end equipment for various satellite and local origination distribution scenarios.

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