Fly Over Calibration Procedures (1990)

By Robert V.C. Dickinson, Dovetail Systems Corporation

In qualification of a cable system according to the FCC Leakage rules the flyover is often preferred since it is a direct measurement of the leakage signal strength in the airspace above the cable system. As in any other measurement it is necessary to establish standards against which to compare the actual data taken. In the case of a flyover one must establish the threshold level of 10 microvolts per meter (uV /m) at 450 meters above the average terrain in order that the pass/fail requirements of the regulations may be tested. A rather specific method for producing this reference field is given in part 76.611(a)(2) of the FCC Rules and Regulations. Even this well defined procedure is subjected to certain inherent inaccuracies and some aspects that may be improved upon. This paper deals with these subjects and suggests some possible modifications. Before proceeding with the discussion it must be stated that anything said below which is not consistent with the current Rules and Regulations has NOT BEEN APPROVED by the FCC and therefore cannot be assumed to be acceptable for flyover calibration.

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