1985 NCTA Engineering Committee Subcommittee Annual Reports (1986)

By Robert A. Luff and Wendell H. Bailey, Jr., NCTA

The National Cable Television Association (NCTA) has, since 1952, represented the diverse and growing cable industry before Congress and Federal agencies, in courts of law and before state regulatory agencies. As the principal trade association of the U.S. cable television industry, its members comprise cable television system operators, equipment manufacturers, program suppliers and several ancillary service providers.

Members are provided with forums (notably committees and this annual convention/exposition) where they may exchange information on developments in the industry and maintain liaison with other industries, societies and groups. The NCTA Engineering Committee is one such forum. Two-day, bi-monthly meetings held mainly at NCTA's Washington, DC headquarters, attract 50-60 top level member and non-member cable engineers from all over the country. Subcommittee chairmen reports form an important segment of each agenda.

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