Channel Allocation Options (1972)

By Robert S. Powers, Office of Telecommunications, U. S. Department of Commerce

This paper is based on an interim report of the Frequency Allocation Subcommittee, of the Coordinating Committee for Cable Communication Systems, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. The Subcommittee is to produce a background report on the general problems of frequency allocation and assignments in cable. The report should be useful to government regulatory and policy bodies, system planners and owners, and manufacturers of cable equipment, converters, and receivers. The present paper describes the nature and importance of the frequency planning problem, the general goals of the Subcommittee, the types of cable systems being considered, the criteria being used to evaluate characteristics of the various frequency assignment schemes, and the general allocation plan being used by the Subcommittee for purposes of discussion. An important side problem being addressed by the Subcommittee is that of potential interference between over-the-air radio systems and cable systems using the same frequencies.

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