TV Cable Transmission Up To 900MHz (1984)

By Georg Luettgenau, RF Devices Division

Increased system bandwidth has been a technological trend for a number of years. Present-day amplifiers can handle full channel loading up to 550MHz.

There exist a number of requirements and possibilities which make an even wider frequency range desirable. Direct UHF distribution, as practiced and contemplated in Europe (and the U.S.) is one case. The thought of placing reverse transmissions into the higher frequency range has also been entertained. Obviously there are applications in MATV and similiar systems.

Hybrids suitable for the range from 40 through 900MHZ have become available. This paper relates these devices to specific applications. Conventional performance characteristics are given and compared to "Noise-in-the-Slot" behaviour, which is a most revealing criterion for ultra wideband systems.

The feasibility of feedforward realizations based on these hybrids is discussed.

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