Proposal of RF/IP Adaptive Video Distribution Scheme over Cable Television Access Networks (2020)

By Yoshitaka Kidani, Hiroyuki Yamashita & Shuichi Matsumoto, Japanese Cable Laboratories

UHD video streaming services have been launched worldwide. In Japan, 4K/8K broadcasting services has been promoting by “All Japan,” which are organized by the government, broadcasters, telecommunicators, and TV manufacturers since 2014. Figure 1 is “4K/8K roadmap” advocated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (MIC) and satellite, cable TV, and IP TV are picked up as the access networks for 4K/8K broadcasting services in the roadmap. According to this roadmap, cable industry in Japan has been started 4K community channel service organized by themselves, named by “Cable 4K”, since 2015.

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