An Equipment Scenario For Delivering Stereo Sound On CATV Systems (1984)

By J. W. Wonn, Group W Cable, Inc.

NCTA studies indicate that off-air TV signals carrying stereo sound are likely to cause problems in certain CATV distribution equipment. To ignore this issue in a CATV plant may result in unacceptable picture and/or sound quality. This paper describes an alternative approach that permits delivering CATV stereo sound in a way that is advantageous to both the subscriber and the cable operator. The scenario is to simulcast stereo sound in a special off-channel frequency band. This approach permits the customer to receive stereo sound with conventional audio equipment rather than a special TV set, and is compatible with most existing set-top terminal equipment. In addition, this approach provides a systematic migration path from present CATV configurations to stereo delivery, and also could provide some attractive subscriber feature enhancements.

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