"SIMULSAT" * A Simultaneous Multiple Satellite Antenna TVRO (1982)

By Eugene P. Augustin, Antenna Technology Corporation

SIMULSAT is a Simultaneous Multiple Satellite Antenna Terminal. It was developed by ANTENNA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION as a result of the demands placed on Cable T.V. operators and television stations to have TVRO systems to view more than one satellite simultaneously without creating an antenna farm. SIMULSAT behaves as a 5-meter antenna over a full 57 degree arc. It is a quasi-parabolic reflector antenna. Gain, radiation patterns, and comparison tests with 5-Meter antennas indicate that SIMULSAT performs very nearly like a typical 5-Meter antenna used as a TVRO. It has the capability of viewing all satellites from Sat Com 4 at 83 degrees to Sat Com 3 at 131 degrees with uniform performance from anywhere in the United States. It has been installed in more than a dozen systems including Teleprompter, Viacom, Heritage and G. E.

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