CATV Antenna Design and Selection (1969)

By Albert K. Fowler, Mark H. Ronald

The problem of selecting the proper type of antenna is a continuous one in an ever changing technology. The antenna is the heart of the system; and as such, every effort has to be made to assure the use of the proper antenna for a particular application. Past technology has been to select an antenna based on a manufacturer's advertised performance characteristics or on the general acceptability and reputation of the product. This is no lange~ a satisfactory method of antenna selection. Each antenna system requirement has to be ·considered in terms of its technical requirements. Each requirement should be analyzed and a logical selection process used to select the proper antenna. If a marketed product is not available to fill the need, an antenna may be designed to perform the needed function. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the performance characteristics of different antenna types so that the ·reader will be in a better position to evaluate and select the proper antenna for his particular requirements.

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