SRS El Segundo Interim Test Report (1972)

By Richard T. Callais, Manager, SRS Division, Theta-Com of California

This paper is presented as a progress report on the interim testing of the Subscriber Response System (SRS), in preparation for the field installation at El Segundo. This first phase of the overall test plan includes tests made at Theta-Com using actual two-way cable cascades, a two-way AML microwave link, and the prototype SRS terminals which will be used at El Segundo.

Data taken in these tests indicate the performance of the full SRS system in operation with a 16 -amplifier cascade are substantially error free in the presence of typical or even excessive thermal noise. Excellent performance was also obtained in the presence of simulated impulse noise and interfering CW carriers.

The factors which are important in the design of an interactive system including the oft-neglected computer and its software complement are discussed. The results of tests· simulating heavy service traffic show the SRS system can respond in seconds to such traffic, including the recording of billing information on magnetic tape. Finally, the services which will be tested at El Segundo are categorized and discussed.

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