A High Power Single Channel AML Microwave Relay System (1973)

By I. Rabowsky, C. Meyers and P. Vaughn, Theta-Com

A microwave transmitter and receiver are described which utilize the successful Theta-com of California Amplitude Modulated Link concept. This newly developed product consists of a high power transmitter, which provides a translation of the VHF spectrum of a T.V. channel to an assigned microwave frequency channel with up to 5 watts of peak microwave power output, and a microwave receiver which faithfully downconverts the received signal to the desired VHF, T.V. channel and provides a stable, constant output over a wide range of atmospheric conditions.

In the transmitter the VHF input signal is upconverted by a unique single sideband suppressed carrier parametric upconverter. The receiver, which has a wide dynamic range AGC, may be utilized to receive many channels simultaneously without introduction of undesired crossmodulation.

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