TOCOM System Bi-Directional Cable Television Information And Control Transmission System (1971)

By William F. Osborn

TOCOM is the now total CATV communications system developed by CAS Manufacturing Company. Bi-Directional Flow of information on a single cable, particularly the ability to transmit information from the subscriber to a central receiving point and to transmit control information to each subscriber location, is the end product of the TOCOM System.

TOCOM is a broad band, single cable, bi-directional CATV Communications System providing conventional 26 channel forward transmission, a 26 channel converter receiver, a crystal controlled subscriber identified digital transmitter, built into the converter, a hub located computer interface interrogator and master computer memory bank.

TOCOM is the vehicle to provide home protection systems, pay television, surveys for television rating service, controlled television channels, meter reading, amplifier level monitoring, and instant "subscriber response" polls, via automatic computer read-out and billing. Remote use of computers from the home and narrow band picture phone are possible future uses. Providing any one service would not economically justify a total communications system. Providing all services is an open door to profitably increasing subscriber revenues.

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