Trade-Offs In Cablecasting (1970)

By Kenneth D. Lawson, TeleMation, Inc.

When one is attempting to decide upon what type of closed circuit television system to install, he comes to many forks in the road. "Should I go to color or black and white?" "Should my equipment be mobile or permanent?" "Should I use a 16mm film camera or a video camera on remote programs?" Most times these questions are asked in search of trade-offs which can be made when faced with problems of both capital and operating budget.

If there were no money or manpower I imitations you would have enough equipment and personnel to go either way depending only on the dictates of program requirements.

This paper has been prepared to analyze two of the most common, but most difficult trade-off decisions which occur in our industry. The first is "color vs. black and white," and the second is "permanent vs. mobile studio equipment."

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