How To Evaluate Coaxial Cable For Maximum Utilization And Longevity (1967)

By Allen M. Kushner

As technical men, you now have or will have the problem of determining what coaxial cable will give you maximum system revenue. As a cable designer, our company has the same problem. Because of this, over the years we have been constantly pursuing the design which was both economical and would give us longest life. We applied polyethylene jackets to give you longer jacket life. We use foam polyethylene to give you longer distances between amplifiers. We have improved our manufacturing techniques to raise the return loss to 30db to prevent signal loss and ghosting. As we continue in our efforts to improve our design, our material and our method of manufacture, we have developed certain guidelines to aid ourselves in determining the worth of possible improvements. I present these guidelines here because I feel that they can be of value to you in evaluating cable for your systems. Once the factors critical to cable usefulness are understood, cable evaluation is quite simplified.

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