Underground Cable (1965)

By E. Mark Wolf, Rome Cable Division of ALCOA

We'll have a look here, a very short look , at some of the very extensive experience that exists, the background of engineering experience that exists, the background of engineering knowledge that goes with it in the manufacture and the use of underground power cable and underground telephone cable. And, I think we will see that much of this knowledge and experience is directly applicable to our problems in CATV.

In the CATV system construction field there are few subject which generate so much real concern as that of underground cable installation. Most of this concern centers around two areas; either fear that an underground system will prove unreliable and costly to maintain, or a conviction that initial cost will be unreasonably high. We do not believe that either of these worries is justified, and hope that by explaining to you our reasons we can help you to sleep a little better the next time the subject of going underground confronts you.

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