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Hard Encrypted Video And Audio Television System
By Michael F. Jeffers, Joseph B. Glaab And John T. Griffin, General Instrument Corporation
Technical Considerations For Operating Systems Expanded To Fifty Or More Television Channels
By Michael F. Jeffers, Jerrold Division General Instrument Corporation
Modulation Considerations For Digital Television
By Joseph B. Glaab, General Instrument
Hardware and Operating Considerations of The Decoder Interface
By Joseph B. Glaab, General Instrument
History and Present Status of The Decoder Interface
By Joseph B. Glaab, General Instrument
Best Frequency Assignments For Mid And Super Band Channels
By Michael F. Jeffers, Jerrold Electronics Corporation
Cost And Performance Comparison Of Fiber Optic CATV Supertrunks Utilizing Fm And Digital Transmission Techniques
By John T. Griffin
Cable Modems in the Home Environment
By Joseph B. Glaab, Rob Howald, Dean Stoneback, and Matt Waight, General Instrument
Digital Audio For Cable Television
By Clyde Robbins, General Instrument Corporation
CATV System Design and Operation
By C. Bailey Neal, Archer S. Taylor, Donald W. Levenson, Orville D, Page, J.D. Cauldwell, P. Knight and E. R. Mertz, John Campbell and Joseph P. Gleason
A Digital Audio System For CATV Applications
By William L. Thomas, American Television & Communications Corporation
The Videocipher II Satellite Television Scrambling System
By Dr. Mark F. Medress , General Instrument Corporation, Videocipher Division
Controlled Subjective Testing Of Cable System Impairments To Picture Quality Using Psychofhysical Methods
By Michael F. Jeffers, Jerrold Communications
An Enhanced RF Television Scrambling System Using Phase Modulation
By Michael E. Long Manager, CATV RF Engineering Richard Citta Manager, Electronics Systems Research and Development Zenith Electronics Corporation
Field Testing Of A Digital Audio System
By Richard Scheuerer, William L. Thomas, and Louis Williamson, American Television and Communications Research and Development
Audio Considerations In Satellite Transmission To Cable Television Systems
By John Berry, Group W Satellite Communications
The Evolution Of Audio/Video System Facilities At Warner Amex Metropolitan Cable Television Systems
By Neil Neubert, Warner Amex Cable Communications Inc.
An Enhanced Cost Effective Line Shuffle Scrambling System with Secure Conditional Access Authorization
By Andy Trott, DCE Satellite Communications and Michael E. Long, Zenith Cable Products
Installation And Perforhance Of A Fiberoptic Video System At Viacom
By P. J. Dobson, T. C. Jones, and T. Witkowicz, Valtec Corporation
A Test System For Controlled Subjective Testing Of Cable System Impairments
By Tom Elliot, Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. & Joseph B. Waltrich, Jerrold Communications