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Comments On Audio Services From An MSO Viewpoint
By Ned L. Mountain, UA-Columbia Cablevision, Inc
Cable Audio Services --- The (Hi-Fi) Sky's The Limit
By Ned Mountain, UA-Columbia Cablevision, Inc
Interchannel Audio Level Variations-a Progress Report On Efforts To Solve This Problem
By Ned L. Mountain, Wegener Communications, Inc.
Audio 101 - Television Audio - A Systems Issue For Cable
By Ned L. Mountain
Cable Stereo -- Performance And Security Issues
By Ned L. Mountain, Wegener Communications, Inc.
Technical Considerations In The Design And Operation Of A Two-Way CATV System In A Major Market Area
By G. c. Kleykamp, UA-Columbia Cablevision, Inc.
Satellite Transponder Operation With Video And Multiple Subcarriers
By Ned Mountain, Wegener Communications, Inc.
Navigating the XGSPON Journey From an MSO Perspective
By Derek Lee, Rogers Communications Inc.; Giancarlo Urbani, Rogers Communications Inc.
From Satellite To Earth Station To Studio To S-T-L To MDS Transmitter To The Home; Pay Television Comes To Anchorage, Alaska
By Richard L. Vega, Telecommunications Systems, Inc
An Analysis Of Audio For Digital Cable Television Recommendations For The Digital Transition Via Audio Metadata
By Jeffrey C. Riedmiller, Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Field Testing Of A Digital Audio System
By Richard Scheuerer, William L. Thomas, and Louis Williamson, American Television and Communications Research and Development
Software Defined Networking, DOCSIS Provisioning, and MSO Commercial Services
By Kevin A. Noll, Wesley George, Time Warner Cable and Richard Loveland, Alcatel-Lucent
Framework for Convergence of Services on The MSO Network: Using the Principles of Network Slicing
By Fernando X. Villarruel & David Reale, Ciena
Digital Audio And Ancillary Data Services For ATV -- The Work Of The ATSC Specialist Group
By Graham S. Stubbs, Eidak Corporation
Cable Ready TV Sets - An Operator's Viewpoint
By Gerald L. Bahr, Cox Cable Communications, Inc.
Recent Advancements in Audio – How a Paradigm Shift in Audio Spatial Representation & Delivery Will Change the Future of Consumer Audio Experiences
By Jeffrey C. Riedmiller and Nicolas Tsingos, Dolby Laboratories Inc.
The DOCSIS Timing Protocol (DTP) Generating Precision Timing Services From A DOCSIS System
By John T. Chapman, Rakesh Chopra, Laurent Montini, CIsco
Multiplexed Audio/Digital Services For The Blind, Deaf And Disabled
By Glenn Ralston, Donald Kendrick, Alar Kruus, Thomas Freebairn and David Othmer
Considerations For A Service Delivery Platform For Optimizing The Deployment Of MSO Business Services
By Ram Sridharan and Steve Davidson, Nokia
A Digital Audio System For CATV Applications
By William L. Thomas, American Television & Communications Corporation