Measuring IP Video Playback Quality of Experience (2022)

By Srinath V Ramaswamy, Comcast

To measure IP Video Playback Quality of Experience (QoE) there are several distinct metrics available that need to be reviewed individually to determine the overall playback quality. These may include rebuffering, startup latency, video bitrate, errors, and downshifts. This paper presents a novel approach to objectively predict the IP video playback quality as perceived by the end-user by calculating a single, final overall metric referred to as Video Viewing Quality (VVQ). VVQ factors in several distinct metrics such as rebuffering, playback errors, video quality, downshifts, startup latency, and recency. Inherent in some of these metrics are the impact from audio issues such as dropouts, missing audio. VVQ scores are currently being utilized to determine IP video playback QoE on various IP video devices and to troubleshoot playback issues. We will also discuss how this single metric, or score can further be leveraged to enhance IP Video playback experience by performing bandwidth and network optimizations. Measuring IP video playback quality is an important aspect of the transition to the delivery of video over IP from legacy QAM.

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