WAN And LAN Speed and Service Matching – Are We Engineering It Correctly for Consumer Services Growth In The Next 5+ Years (2022)

By J.R. Flesch, Kurt Lumbatis, Ian Wheelock; CommScope

In the monotonic drive for ever-greater bitrate consumption posed by the increased variability and sheer number of home dweller-facing digital network services (particularly immersive experiences and IoTanchored emergency services), a review of the balancing act between WAN and LAN capacity and responsiveness begs execution. Such review seems particularly warranted at this point in the cable distribution and home Wi-Fi development epochs, given that the recalculation of transmit and receive capacities posed by the DOCSIS 4.0 WAN upgrade nearly coincides with the adoption of in-home Wi-Fi 7 LANs (themselves also potentially enhanced by higher EIRP /AFC-enabled Standard Power).

This paper will examine the implications of emerging network demands in a post-pandemic home services environment and attempt to evaluate the impact to WAN and LAN infrastructure; identifying behavioral, economic, or capacity mismatches which may alter the scope and rate of proposed network evolutions. What seems solicited is an advisory to network stakeholders on the scope of WAN and LAN futureproofing and a weighting of appropriate investment required to adequately meet anticipated mounted service connection needs in a moderately near-term adoption horizon.

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