Security Strategies in the Wake of Nation-State Attack Evolution (2021)

By Emma Rochon & Nancy Davoust, Comcast Cable

Over the past decade, private businesses have increasingly been the victim of nation-state cyberattacks, which are defined as attacks carried out by a hacker, or a group of hackers, working with adversarial government to commit cybercrime against another country. Notably, there has been an 100% increase in nation-state incidents from 2017-2020. Specifically, nation-state attacks rose from 17% of all known attacks to over 40% during the last 3 years.

In this paper, we will highlight some of the issues with nation-state attacks and provide some guidance on how to defend against these attacks on a regular basis. There is no one way to defend against attackers, but there are strategies that can be implemented to prevent an attack from being catastrophic.

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