Private Mobile Networks: A New Service Option for Enterprise Wireless Connectivity (2020)

By Dr. Mehmet Yavuz, Celona, Inc.

Just in the last few years, a multitude of new technologies and methodologies have emerged that are forcing cable telecom engineers to reevaluate their networking architectures and service offerings, particularly those targeting the enterprise. Whether it is 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), low-power wireless protocols, open source hardware, or some combination of these new tools, there is little doubt that big changes are coming to wireless service offerings for Multi-Service Operators (MSOs) and cable operators of all kinds. The viable application of these technologies vary widely, and it is up to MSOs to sort near-term practicality from marketing vaporware.

One recent development that has immediate potential for MSOs is the decision earlier this year by the FCC to make the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum band available for use by businesses. The net result is that MSOs/cable operators now have a new option for predictable mobility that can serve a variety of needs on mission-critical infrastructure for enterprises across a broad swath of industries, from outdoor campuses, to healthcare, manufacturing, logistics/transportation, higher education, and more. This new option is called a private mobile network and it is poised to change how MSOs view wireless networks in their environments.

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