Collecting Smart City IoT Data to Generate Actionable Insights (2020)

By Parmjit Dhillon & Mohamed Daoud, Charter Communications Inc

Data is the new oil driving the digital world. There is a massive amount of data being generated as more and more cities around the world roll out smart city applications and deploy IoT sensors. Managing, analyzing and correlating data from multiple sources can help cities in many ways, including lowering operational costs, creating environmental sustainability, increasing citizen engagement, enhancing healthcare, improving public safety and providing an overall improvement in the quality of life for its citizens.

Spectrum is engaged in a smart city proof of concept (POC) in St. Petersburg, FL, in collaboration with the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus, US Ignite and the St. Petersburg Innovation District. Several IoT sensors and use cases involving pedestrian safety, video analytics, edge computing and smart street light management are currently being tested.

This paper discusses the uses cases and several types of sensor data collected in the St. Petersburg POC project. Details include the collection, storage, visualization and analysis of IoT sensor data.

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