City of Dublin: Lessons from a Smart City Private Network Deployment (2020)

By Ladan Pickering, Fujitsu Network Communications

According to Harbor Research and analysis by Fujitsu, the Smart City market will reach $5.6B in North America by 2025.

Cities own hundreds of departments that are using software targeted to their functions. These datasets are generally local to the organization. In addition, real-time access to digital representation of city’s physical assets are rare.

Using the CBRS-band (Citizens Band Radio Service), cable companies can build private networks for cities to bring together disparate systems and make it economically feasible to digitize and access physical assets in real-time. Visibility to data from multiple systems will provide insight to improve operational efficiencies, provide better experiences for citizens, and improve environmental impact.

In this paper, we will discuss the lessons learned from our private network deployment and Parking Occupancy App that was deployed by City of Dublin. We will also discuss the positive unintended consequences of the private network and App during COVID-19 outbreak.

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