Zero Touch Service Assurance (2017)

By Sean Yarborough, Spirent

Today’s telecommunications marketplace is experiencing a significant growth in the number of deployments and the types of services being deployed in the metro Ethernet or business Ethernet space.

For example, small cells are a driving factor behind the need for increased Ethernet backhaul services.

One of the reasons for this surge is the promise that small cells will deliver higher quality voice, video, and data services than ever before, with lower deployment costs than macro cells. Likewise, the transition on cloud hosted applications, VoIP networks, and the overall increase in bandwidth utilization are driving demand from enterprises for higher speed services. In order to truly reap the benefits of the small cell promise, cloud hosted applications, or any new technology, providers must ensure the quality of service demanded by today’s end users and carriers. This paper explores key metro Ethernet service trends, the challenges these trends create for service providers and the benefits of transitioning to zero touch service assurance to help address these challenges.

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