Proactive Network and Technical Facilities Monitoring Using Standardized Scorecards (2017)

By Dr. Franklin Lartey, Cox Communications

Proper measurement is important in making informed business decisions that improve customer experience. Several studies such as Lartey, McGinn, and Diponzio (2016), and Marut (2016), Snow and Weckman (2016) have repeatedly demonstrated the importance of measurement in telecommunications. Yet, measurement is still a complex issue in the broadband industry due to the plethora of measurement possibilities within this environment. Indeed, every card, port, or sub-channel on any communication device provides a number of measurement opportunities adding to the complexity of measurement in the above stated environment.

The current article presents a simple measurement system that seeks to proactively identify issues on the broadband network infrastructure including technical facilities and resolve them prior to any noticeable impact to customers. By so doing, this article will contribute to the increase in network reliability and availability, the decrease in trouble calls and truck rolls, and the increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty. To achieve its goal, the article presents a set of scorecards deployed by a multiservice operator (MSO) to proactively monitor its data, transport, DOCSIS, video, and telephony networks as well as its technical facilities. It also discusses the key performance indicators (KPI) used for each network and the rationale behind their selection, followed by a presentation of the operational model implemented to ensure proper monitoring. The operational model describes the process and structure that allowed the operator to proactively resolve identified issue. Finally, the article presents some real-life achievements of the standardized scorecard system, providing an opportunity for replication and automation within the industry.

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