4096-OFDM Implementation on the HFC Plant with Fiber Deep and Distributed Access Architecture (2016)

By Maxwell Huang, Cisco Systems

The paper will introduce what are the limitations existed in the current HFC architecture, why it is wise to continue the investment on the HFC infrastructure evolution instead of reconstructing to an all - fiber infrastructure, and why the new HFC architecture with the Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) in conjunction with the Fiber Deep (FD) can resolve the limitations and helps make the 4096-OFDM application on HFC plant a reality.

The paper will also introduce the parameters that impact the MER and BER performance such that AWGN, IQ Gain, IQ Phase, Phase noise, CW interference, Group delay, Micro-reflection, distortion and PAPR; and addresses why the PAPR becomes a major concern in the DAA + FD architecture where the 4096-OFDM application and the higher output RF power of node are both being expected.

In the fiber deep deployment a much higher output RF power is expected for the node that, together with the R-PHY module installed in the node, could cause a significant power increase therefore leading to serious concern at the thermal dissipation. The paper will finally introduce some possible solutions to reduce the PAPR and the power. This is to accomplish the goal to make the HFC a 10Gbps access network while maintaining the good and stable BER performance on top of the 4096-OFDM application.

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