Distribute or Die: Hybrid Fiber Coax Hanging by a Cable (2014)

By Samir Parikh, Gainspeed, Inc.

The hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks currently in place were designed to carry broadcast analog video, not the wide ranging high-speed data (HSD) services, IP video products, teleconferencing, cloud computing and other business services they need to deliver today.

There is enough capacity potential in today’s hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks to satisfy bandwidth demand, even with a 40% to 60% annual growth rate. However, a new architectural approach is required in order to unlock this potential.

This paper will explore how cable operators can re-imagine their networks and extend CCAP to its next logical step by virtualizing and distributing functions and services. Doing so will dramatically reduce power and space consumption in the hub and headend, lower costs, speed up service velocity and enable new technologies such as DOCSIS 3.1.

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